My Furry Children

When a Furry Child Gets Sick

UPDATE: Today is March 1. Hank’s PCV number is in normal range (48)👍. We have to feed him 24 1 Tablespoon meals for the time each day to get him not to throw up so often. In five days he will be done with most of the medicines and then he will remain on the rest for awhile. We don’t go back to the vet for two weeks😍.

UPDATE: We have a recheck with the vet today. Hank’s pancreatic is still bad. We pray his PVC number went up.

UPDATE: We made it home to Toledo, Ohio, in record time (Feb. 22). Although Hank’s PCV number has gone up to 34 from 26, he is having stomach bleeding the doctor thinks from prednisone (and maybe the Plavix). We had to take him to vet 2 times yesterday (we got in 12:30 am and the first visit was at 9 am). He started three new medicines today, and although he is keeping his food down and drinking water, he isn’t eating much and mostly sleeping. I called the emergency vet tonight about my concerns, but she said unless he changes, just come in for the 9 am appointment tomorrow morning (Saturday). It is so hard to see one of my babies this sick. I just pray he survives.

UPDATE: Hank’s PCV number is staying put for now, so we are leaving Florida today (Feb. 21) for home. We have his meds and can stop at a 24 hour animal hospital if his condition changes. Please keep us in your prayers.


My Hank is sick. We were at Blue Pearl Veterinary Hospital in Sarasota for the second time in three days (Feb. 20). He wasn’t eating, drinking, or doing any typical doggy activities. We thought maybe it was because he swallowed part of a chicken drummie three days ago on a night walk. He was too fast for me, but I got some of it away from him. He seemed to be doing better after our first visit where he got fluids by IV and an antibiotic. But he never started drinking water except when I put it in with his ID food. They started by checking him for pancreatitis. And then they found something we weren’t prepared for.

Hank has been diagnosed with hemolytic anemia (AIHA, IMHA). According to Be Aware Of Dog Autoimmune Diseases from Animal Awareness Magazine, IMHA “disorder can be associated with bone marrow failure. Affected animals have one or more of the following signs: lethargy, anorexia, pale mucous membranes, weakness, exercise intolerance, tachycardia (rapid heart rate), tachypnea (rapid breathing), icterus (jaundice), hemoglobinuria (hemoglobin pigment in urine) and fever. Prognosis is guarded to poor with reported mortality rates between 28% and 70%.” Grim findings for our Hank. The vet asked us all kinds of questions about recent vaccines, ingested metal, ticks, and possible toxin exposure. We could think of nothing and we provided all of his recent vet records. We were at the vet for 10 hours. We were given options of which one involved one or more blood transfusions. We talked about his quality of life. We cried as we discussed what we should do. We were told without transfusions, he wouldn’t last 48 hours. After consulting with our vet in Sylvania, Ohio, and the vet at Blue Pearl as well as the vet technician, we decided that he needed to have X-rays to rule out masses, tumors, and metal of any kind, and the vet wanted to check his PCV level to see if it went down since this morning. It stayed the same, so with a shot of prednisone, IV fluids, and Plavix, Hank came home with us tonight.

Tonight is going to be tough for us and I have to watch Hank for signs of his anemia worsening and a possible stroke. Not a happy time. I pray I have better news to share soon. He’s one of our babies, and we love him so much.

Healthy Eating

A Little Sun Goes a Long Way

I’ve been in Florida for over a week and I have noticed things. I don’t feel achy as much in a warmer climate. I am walking every day like I do in Toledo, and I am not walking as far.  My furry children can only go so far in this heat (mostly 80s since I arrived), but walking in the morning and late afternoon provides me with some sun. I forgot how a little sun can make me feel. I go to the beach every couple days, use sunscreen, and never stay over an hour. The sun is like Prozac.

I like how a little sun makes me look better, too. I will never tan again as I have spent too much time at my dermatologist, but I forgot the sun uplifts my spirits and gives my pastie white skin a glow. More than that and it would age me more than my 59 years and who wants that. I have seen so many people my age and older with tans like I had in my twenties.

I have actually lost weight in the last week and I think that can be attributed to both the energy my light sun exposure gives me and my continuing to eat wholes grains, fruit, vegetables,  and no meat, fish, or chicken. As I noted in Eating Healthily is Easy in Venice, Florida, I have been able to find healthy choices at restaurants in the area. Saltwater Grill, Cafe Evergreen, and Pop’s Sunset Grill offer vegetarian options, but the tastiest and healthiest so far is Cafe Evergreen.

I am now drinking matcha green tea for all of its health benefits, but according to 7 Things You Should Know about Matcha, one needs to be aware of things of which I was unaware like a cup of it is comparable to a cup of coffee. I am very sensitive to caffeine, so I don’t drink Matcha after 4 pm. Read the article for concerns about lead as well. I love it hot with a wedge of lemon. It gives me energy and maybe I will even try meditation.

Healthy Eating

Eating Healthily is Easy in Venice, Florida

My furry children and I are enjoying great weather and getting the lay of the land in Florida. Today, I had an amazing meal at Cafe Evergreen in Venice. I started out with hot Organic Matcha Green Tea that had a little agave in it. It was a new experience for me and an easy way to get more antioxidants. The flavor hooked me. I plan on purchasing the brand they use at the Venice Farmers Market. The description on the Cafe Evergreen website states, “Organic sandwiches, salads, smoothies & wine served in charming digs with a mellow vibe.” I had lentil soup, roasted cauliflower, and an avocado wrap. Even the wrap was multigrain. Everything was pleasing to my palate. I will be going back to try other items soon. I am also going to do more research on the benefits of drinking organic matcha green tea. It supposedly helps with inflammation, focus, and weight loss.


This was the first of many vegan/ vegetarian-friendly restaurants in the Nokomis/Venice area. I can’t wait to try more.