working out

Easing Up

I was on a roll. I was running on my treadmill regularly in addition to walking, but then my iliotibial bands started screaming. I iced them, stretched them, worked on strengthening them, but I kept working out. After three nights of awful sleep, I called my GP. Other than physical therapy, the only thing I can do is rest my hips and knees. I have done physical therapy and still have sheets of exercises, so I will continue to do some of those every day.

I took three days off and did a little walking on the treadmill today. I plan on walking and running on the treadmill on Sunday. Hopefully, as long as I don’t over do it, I can continue to build up my running, and get back to trail running. I was up to 50 minutes of running, but that was too much for my hips.

Starting next week, I will be in Florida for a month. The warmer weather should help and I will be walking everywhere. I hope to find some trails for running and walking.


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