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Working on Weightloss

The holidays are over, so I peeked at my scale two weeks ago and noticed I packed on a few pounds.

My game plan is to continue my vegetarian eating, but I need to eat fewer carbohydrates, especially non-whole grain choices. Too many desserts and white flour goodies passed these lips, and the scale shows it. I know my metabolism has slowed way down since I went off HRT two years ago, but sugar and white flour do it no good. I have stopped eating cheese as much as possible, and I now use a powdered coconut creamer for my coffee as well as ask for unsweetened almond milk when I get lattes at Starbucks. If you haven’t tried their new blonde expresso, you must. Almond milk makes lattes so creamy and foamy. My going toward vegan is to reduce inflammation, and I have noticed a big reduction after just giving up meat, fish, and chicken. However, going completely dairy free has been a process. I now use almond milk for cooking as well. I used coconut milk for the first time last night when I made lentil soup with a bit too much freshly squeezed lemon. It made even creamier than it was already as well as helped reduce the lemon.

I have also ramped up my workouts to include running on the treadmill. I started at 20 minutes and am now up to as long as 50 minutes. I am still walking dogs and am using the treadmill at least five days a week when I don’t let my lazy butt talk me out of it. After spending more time than needed, I figured out how to convert my audiobooks to MP3 files, and I put two on my waterproof MP3 player, so I have no excuse to not snorkel swim (swimming, dog paddling, anything to get across the pool with a snorkel mask as I can’t move my neck well enough to swim without it) a couple times a week). I added some arm and leg workouts on machines at the gym, too.

Although I was titrated off Lyrica a month after I went vegetarian, four months later, I have been experiencing pain in my hips when I sleep. I had the same thing before I was on Lyrica, which my doctor attributed to fibromyalgia, so I’ve started stretching my iliotibial bands. My IT bands have been tight for years, and frequent massages help, but now that I am running again, I need to do whatever I can to avoid pain. Lyrica helped with my fibro pain, but the point of going vegetarian was to reduce inflammation and get and stay off as much medicine as I can. I started getting Thai massages, which are even more intense than myofascial release massages I had. I know my going vegetarian has helped my body, from my head to my shins (all places I hurt when my fibro kicks up), but I need to avoid sugar and see where that takes me.

It has been two weeks, and I am slowly taking off the extra pounds from the holiday, but after working out tonight, I couldn’t help but dive a bag of spinach and kale tortilla chips, whole grain and certified organic, of course. You can get them at Costco and they are awesome!


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