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Workout Wear That won’t Break the Bank

One thing I spend way too much money on is workout clothing. I mean, I practically live in it. Why? Because I put it on first thing in the morning as a reminder that I need to get my workout in.

I get high-rise compression crops, as well as a few tops for very hot days (I don’t go without sleeves unless I am desperate heat-wise) from Old Navy. I wear Hanes sports bra now, but in the past, I purchased the more expensive sports bras, but I find that they all have a short life, so I opt for the supportive yet inexpensive. I buy long sleeve Under Armour tops a size larger to avoid all my lumps and bumps showing. What I can’t seem to find are shirts with three-quarter sleeves. I would wear them year-round to the gym and outside in the summer because they hide my lovely bat wings that appeared in my 50’s. Oh, what fun. Long sleeves are okay, but I get so hot anytime of the year, even when I am walking dogs in frigid temps, just another joy of menopause.

What I love about the high rise compression workout pants, no matter what brand, is that I feel thinner. They hold the middle in and make everything feel tighter when I workout. I can even wear them with high boots and a long sweater in the winter for a night out. My favorite for winter workouts and nights out on the town are Yummie by Heather Thomson cotton compact shaping leggings. I also have Yummie cotton capris for the summer.
I also like some of Carrie Underwood’s Calia collection such as the Flow Everyday long sleeve shirt. It is hip length, so it covers my lack of bootie as well as the front, something most workout wear doesn’t. I know lots of women who can wear the normal length tops, but I like them longer as well as looser. You can also get Calia tops in some great colors like “pigment purple” that looks like cobalt blue. I wish Under Armour and the like would have longer tops, just enough to cover the bum.

What brands do you find most comfortable?


One thought on “Workout Wear That won’t Break the Bank

  1. I’m absolutely cheap when it comes to workout clothes. I like loose shirts when playing sports and I buy those plain white shirts. If I feel like splurging(which I rarely do nowadays) I’d go for nike/adidas/reebok gears. Since I’ve done more hiking and outdoor stuff I do have to invest in the right gears for that and hope they last a decade 😂

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